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WinUAEAOS3.1Desktop Customization: BoingBag4 check
WinUAEAOS3.1ActiveGifDesktopAnimation: ???
WinUAEAOS3.1Better: Accelerator&PPCRoms check (AmigaForever4Purchase?)
WinUAEAOS3.9&4.1Better: Yes check
WinUAEAOS3.1GenlockedThroughVHS2USBConverter: ???
WinUAEAOS4.1modo: ??? (If Peebler/Hastings/Ferguson/Team not busy?)
WinUAEAOSAll&VariantsHistory: ??? (Just looking for 3rd party observations)
WinUAEAOS3.1Brilliance/LightwaveNodeShiftingSVG: ??? (Brilliance probably pixel oriented. Not sure about LightWave. May be OS4.1 territory)
SYSOPAOS3.1ComputerStick: ??? (Perhaps a WinUAE enthusiast knows these things?)
SYSOPAOS3.1MultithreadingOnComputerStick: ??? (May be simpler than one would think?)
SYSOPAOS3.1OpinionsOnAmigasHistory: Priceless
FXIAOS3.1HDMI/USBComputerStick: ??? (Might need to contact....) ((please standby... ...))
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