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Can AOS3.1 operate from CottonCandy? If so, is multi-threading a happening thing? With multiple instances? A veritable 'Mighty-Mouse' of computing capacity, each independently running, or combined thereof for maximum efficiency.

I'd like to see pre-existing software running in their ideal RAM, multi-threaded or not, genlocked in layers for each os, so as to be able to skip to one os/layer at x amount of colors, 000rgb no alpha, like normal, to another os/layer, running whatever program, and so on, to it's 'comfortable' capacity.

A little av output and usb, with an adapter, for a 'Pro-Joystick' and an 'Amiga-Keyboard' (with those little characters from C-64 days) would be choice!

Maybe a Demo Library with as many games, tracing back to Jumpman, actually Pong, to present, and a virtual museum of everything that happened to Commodore, the Amiga OS, and all it's variants, to present?

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