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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
edit> aros has much better editor than the genuine amiga os and not resource hungry. without the ss you need to tools/editor, but otherwise you should be able to invoke it with just "edit". quite handy on genuine amiga in comparison to memacs as default.
I do understand this, and I understand the same goes with many other files, but then as I suggest in the notes section, it is not wise for backwards compatibility┬┤s sake that some AmigaOS components get replaced with other ones with different names. Just restore them to their original name for gods sake or create placeholders/links to the actual structures. It is dead easy, and prevents many amigaos users from being clueless when they for eg. have to edit their startup-sequence when booting to cli and get an error when typing "ed s:startup-sequence".

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
besides your list is quite long but not just everything there is essential. at least not at this point. as example some monitor files as 2024. there is no concept of monitor files anyway, as these are undocumented. i have discussed this issue with thor and even him considers it better like that.
I agree that very few should still own and use an A2024.
But one generic monitor driver without overscan support, and in a non amiga format sucks much more. Despite not being documented many developers such as Ratte, to name one, have created new monitor drivers and could provide skeleton files, if not complete source code. So I see no excuse to use something that should in theory be better, but that is indeed worse in practice.

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
what concerns fonts, its reasonable to remove the set of ressource hungry outline fonts (the huge files) on amiga anyway, and maybe prerender owb fontcache on some fast config as uae and the rest works much better.
I am not even dreaming about owb being reasonably useful on 68k in its current state. What I was referring is that TTF fonts are the way forward, but they are pain inflicting on a 68k (even worse on aros), and that Compugraphic fonts should still remain for backwards compatibility. Furthermore, I added that replacements for standard AmigaOS 3.x fonts should be present (some not very clever programs have hardcoded font selections).

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
>LIBS/68040.library (680x0.library exists but see note no. 1)
specific processor libraries are unneccessary. insert setpatch at the beginning of the ss and the universal 680x0.library with the patches for specific processor will be automatically loaded. plug and play. definitely a gain with aros. no libs mess here.
I do understand this, but you dont seem to grasp the issue here, that for backwards compatibility, as I mentioned in the note section, it should be renamed. I can imagine a scenario where some user installs its vintage accelerator driver disk, using its installer, and ends up with a f*cked system.

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
sorry, its late back home, or rather with my gf, so i cannot get in more detail. tommoriw more. not all is so bad as it seems.
You should rather do whatever you do with your girlfiend

No, it is not so bad (functionality wise), but it does requires some work.
Performance is just the other tip of the iceberg, and then, there are some little things that I believe should change for better.
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