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edit> aros has much better editor than the genuine amiga os and not resource hungry. without the ss you need to tools/editor, but otherwise you should be able to invoke it with just "edit". quite handy on genuine amiga in comparison to memacs as default.

besides your list is quite long but not just everything there is essential. at least not at this point. as example some monitor files as 2024. there is no concept of monitor files anyway, as these are undocumented. i have discussed this issue with thor and even him considers it better like that.

what concerns fonts, its reasonable to remove the set of ressource hungry outline fonts (the huge files) on amiga anyway, and maybe prerender owb fontcache on some fast config as uae and the rest works much better.

>LIBS/68040.library (680x0.library exists but see note no. 1)
specific processor libraries are unneccessary. insert setpatch at the beginning of the ss and the universal 680x0.library with the patches for specific processor will be automatically loaded. plug and play. definitely a gain with aros. no libs mess here.

sorry, its late back home, or rather with my gf, so i cannot get in more detail. tommoriw more. not all is so bad as it seems.

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