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This was a WD Elements 3TB drive. From all I read, 3TB drives are unstable as fuck. It was only 2 years old and I never had this happen before with any drive. An older, WD Elements 2TB is working just fine.

Avoid 3TB drives like the plague I guess! I now opened the case and inside there's a WD Green 2TB drive, model WD30EZRX. I would say you should never buy such a drive.
I'm going to try interfacing it with a SATA-USB cable I have, hoping the problem was in teh interface logic, but it seems like a physical meltdown.

Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
But 20+ years without backup ? Man you were pushing it... It may as well had been space age technology, it was bound to break sooner or later.
I had it backed up. And my backup drive died. :P I am very good with backups really. But what the fuck happens when your backup hard drive just dies? I don't want to go the "triple copy" way yet.

Nowadays I keep double copies of everything but I was just waiting to relocate that folder in my secondary backup unit. The problem was that I mixed my Amiga HD backups with software I could download again. I missed moving that while I was reorganizing my files, and now the shit is gone.

I might have some floppies with some of the stuff, but I think there's fat chance I'll get the stuff back. It wasn't much, but it was dear to me. Not dear enough to warrant data recovery. Most of what I lost is full collections of games for my many consoles and computers, so even if a pain, I can download them all again.

With all the advancements in technology we have today, I feel us still using magnetic hard drives is really ass backwards, and by now we should have something better. I don't even know if SSD media is any more reliable, I haven't had any problems with my SSDs yet, but you never know.
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I'd give dd_rescue a chance. It can backup/clone a whole drive skipping parts with read errors. If the complete disc is just read errors, it might be only broken electronics. In that case you might even have a chance to revive the disc just by swapping the board's electronics.
I was using testdisk for checking. I will try that one after I manage to get the SATA power cable I need to connect the drive to the computer using a different interface.
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