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I've had one hard drive failure, back in 2002 I think, an IBM DeathStar in my A1200 tower, and I lost about a month's university work and source code due to a lack of a recent backup. It wasn't 20 years of stuff, but it was a massive blow to my thesis and the personal projects I was working on - there's at least one I never bothered picking back up. And, annoyingly, I didn't even have my Workbench floppies with me (they were safe in my parents' house) so I couldn't fix it for about a week.

Ever since then I've run two hard drives in every full-sized machine, and always store copies of everything from my single hard drive machines - both my A1200s with single hard drives have everything stored on my tower A1200 too. I also keep a separate NAS at home, and keep another hard drive off site with all my critical stuff on it (particularly photos and source code).

It stings when it happens, and I feel your pain

When you say WinUAE is more reliable... It's really only as reliable as the storage medium and the filesystem. The filesystem is the same as a real Amiga, and if you put your PC's hard drive in an Amiga, it would probably be just as reliable there too... It might be easier to back up, but no more reliable really, unless you're using ancient hard drives in your Amiga.
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