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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
he left for some time but is active. If asked he is still doing something when there are certain requirements that can be defined.
Good to know - thanks. It would be easy enough to draw up a list of requirements for Workbook. In the nightlies I've tried, the file-management functions are greyed out, it doesn't support standard .info files and there's no drag & drop. Is disk-space on the boot ADF a problem? You could break up the work something like this:

Step 1: make Workbook a viable view-only environment

* Support standard .info files
* Manually position & snapshot icons and windows
* List-view

Step 2: add basic file-management

* Drag & drop icons to copy/move
* Make new directories
* Delete files & directories
* View/edit file information/tooltypes

Step 3: add the basic niceties
* Leave out/put away
* Background patterns and images

Each step would take Workbook much closer towards being a viable Workbench-replacement.
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