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my current demands (:

- make prefs work (i reported endiannes problems, toni posted hints to the ml. maybe prefs implementation should be cleaned up a bit internally, as toni suggested, also i find it a bit messy where to look for certain settings.. like wanderer and then appearance, but it migght be just me.
-improve the speed loading hunk binaries in comparison with elf. perferably to the same level.
- make scalos from aros contribs work properly on 68k, im trying to debug it but since there is no proper guide how to debug aros on say winuae, im having hard time in it, given a bit limited time currently.
- make skinning work properly, currently there are some flaws, i consider skinning menus impossible, only default works. i have fast iff theme at hand, that would work well for interlace screens i guess.
- we could furtherly investigate the main bottlenecks using librarytimer to get reasonably fast aros on genuine hardware. im certain it is possible, using a limited color iff icon set. unfortunately there is no good icon editor.
- you have to set targets for the bounties, btw, that we know what we pay and what we get. im not sure if im going to contribute to bounties, i habe no paypal anymore but i might transfer some directly.

as proposal to be disputed: bounty to strip alos binaries of startup code in order to reach the amiga binary sizes, or have them compilable under vbcc, introducing vbcc to the build system as optional. i know it is huge, you have dismissed it before, as vbcc didnt seem to grant faster execution, therfore i put it up for dispute.
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