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My worst data loss experience was at A500 times when I was a teenager. I was very active producing protracker mods which need to save to floppy disks. Some day afternoon a friend visit me to borrow disk(s) for something I can`t remember. No problem, I just took an "empty" disk (thought so) format it and give it to the friend. Unfortunately, the floppy disk was full of my own mods. Now lost forever. I was very depressed for a long time. It still makes me sad when I remember that.

Later using my A1200 with HD`s I had more "luck". Tow times only the electronic of the HD`s died and could be fixed with replacing it. Some years ago I accidentally deledet a folder with own recorded mixes. To undelete I would need much more memory then I have (32MB).

A bit off topic. Yesterday when I switched on my A1200 an error requester appears which said that there is a blockid error on my games partition (sfs). AdminSpaceContainers block was damaged. I guess the game "UFO Enemy Unknown" (WHD version I played the day before then switching off the computer) is resposible because I had already save game stats problems with it sooner. However, before doing an undelete I compared with the backup (some month old) and noticed only 3 directories that need to rescue. After a quick format of the damaged partition I just had to copy the backup + the 3 dirs to solve it so far.

Overall, a (current) backup make things easier.
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