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@Akira basically I agree, I have a pretty good idea how Jens wants to do business and I dont blame him. (And Ill try to give up hopes of a higher end accelerator from him and simply wait for the Vampire).
But there was a post here from @Gulliver that raised a valid point. It was a response to why Jens' expensive boards sell so slowly compared to his low end ones.
Jens arrived at the conclusion that it must be the price alone. But Guliver tried to point out that his low end stuff had no real competition so its a good deal even compared to Amibay offers while his high end stuff competes in price with second hand 040 boards. And my guess is that most ppl who want a 040 or 060 will rather buy a used 040 instead of a new 030.
(Also, ppl have found NOS 040's and 060's while Jens' 020s are used? (My 060 is a rev 6 New Old Stock). Lots of skilled ppl here on forums can do upgrades and repairs to old accelerators.
Anyhoo.. for me personally, the Reloaded mobo will only be of interest if either an Apollo 1260 or Vampire will work on it. Both seem to be long shots at the moment.
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