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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
You know, a whole lot of the old 040 / 060 accelerators have been working just fine for at least 20 years.. that one year warranty on the new card passes quickly, and after that you're in the same position.
Not completely. Individual Computers is a functioning company that can directly service their own hardware after the warranty is lost. You can't say the same of Blizzard, Apollo or whatever. And that still makes quite a bit of a difference.

ppl are "concerned" that the Reloaded will "max out" @55MHz 030, because thats Jens' highest end product. (And who knows if Blizzards will work.. ) Making it a fairly pointless mobo for everyone currently at 040/060
To begin, I do know people have different needs than me. I am actually even quoting the needs of the majority, in which I am not included. I am mid-way between a power hungry user and a casual retrogamer. Anyway, my point was towards trying to explain what Jens already explained himself clearly: it's what makes sense for his business model. Let's not forget this is his business and he wants to make hardware that sells well.
With that in mind, it also makes sense from many angles that the only fully supported CPU cards accepted by his motherboard are his own.

People have the choice to support and buy or decide not to. What is really silly is trying to convince someone to do exactly what one wants for them. Jens seems super clear about what his market is and what to sell to whom and for how much.
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