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Hard drive failure taking your stuff away :(

So I just had the most ridiculous hard drive failure ever. I was moving around some of my Amiga stuff from one folder to the other, and suddenly things got weird. I was told the system couldn't "move the files" and then the folders would show up empty, and then after a reset, it all died. Hard drive doesn't show up on Windows anymore, and recovery tools find no partition on deep scanning the drive (all read errors). I have never seen anything like it before.

The saddest part of this loss, is that I lost all my personal Amiga backups. I know I should have had a second copy of them, I do of most stuff, but this was JUST waiting to be cloned, and this happened right before I could do anything about it. I might have some of it in some SD cards I keep with the Amigas, but not all of it, 20+ years of memories down the drain. Thanks, storage technology.

Any file/software I had for every old computer I own was there too, so now everything is gone, I don't even have an inventory of it so I have no idea what I lost and how to recover it. Pain in the ass.

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