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I'm using WinUAE 3.2.1 on an HP2000 (AMD E-300 APU w/ Radeon(tm)HD Graphics 1.3 GHz. Win 8.1) [[Expanded WinUAE example configuration, High-end expanded config, 68040 cpu, JIT (8 MB cache, FPU support, Constant jump, Direct, No flags), CPU internal, CPU Emulation Speed Fastest possible, AGA, NTSC Chipset, Chipset Extra A4000T, Genlock connected, Sprites and Sprites vs. Playfield Collision Level, (Adv. Chipset untouched/ Compatible Settings locked), KickStart 3.1 40.68 (512k), Chip 8MB, Slow 1.5 MB, Z2 Fast none, Z3 Fast 4 MB, 32-bit Chip none, Motherboard Fast 64 MB, Processor Slot Fast 128 MB, Autoconfig Z2 Fast RAM, Second Z2 Fast RAM board 256 KB, Z3 mapping mode: Automatic (*), Expansion Board SCSI Controllers, Miscellaneous Expansions uaescsi device, CD32 Full Motion Video cartridge, UAE Zorro III (*) RTG Graphics Card 1 GB VRAM]]

Is it possible to request of a SYSOP? If so, is there a suite of desktop customization programs to make the system look more modern? including an active gif animation for the desktop? Can this system get any better? Is PPC emulation going to do anything better than it is now? Will the Cyberstorm accelerator? How about 3.9 or even AOS 4.1?

I use DPaint IV, Modeler/VideoScape 3D, others, and will be checking out Cinema 4D and Alladin 4D (& possibly some CAD & video programs). I want to be able to use a computer like my old A500 with a genlock! (1 video input, 1 overlayable video out) Is that a happening thing?
(Maybe with one of those aftermarket video in/out recorders one might find at an electronics store that hooks up through a usb and allows recording old videos?)

Is any one in X1000 land going to port over the old modo line of 3D programs to AOS4.1?

Thank you very much! JZon
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