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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You are ignoring the fact that buying an ACA accelerator means buying:
1) a NEW product
2) A NEW product with WARRANTY for at least a year
3) A NEW product with WARRANTY and post-sales customer support regarding any problems you have with it.

Whatever used thing you buy will NOT have that. And I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to factor in this into the cost....
You know, a whole lot of the old 040 / 060 accelerators have been working just fine for at least 20 years.. that one year warranty on the new card passes quickly, and after that you're in the same position.
Those of us still left in Amigaland are probably in it for the long run and we all have our own stuff we wanna do. So you cant really know if that one year warranty is "that" important for all buyers compared to the speed gain theyd get from a second hand 040 bought from a reliable seller.

Anyhoo, once you accept the fact that there are people out there with a different need than yourself :-) you'll also get that ppl are "concerned" that the Reloaded will "max out" @55MHz 030, because thats Jens' highest end product. (And who knows if Blizzards will work.. ) Making it a fairly pointless mobo for everyone currently at 040/060.

Its probably gonna be a while before we know if the Vampire will work with it...
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