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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
You can buy a 68040 accelerator that comes with an FPU and an RTC for about a few bucks more (I sold mine six months ago for less than what you charge for the ACA1233-55).
You are ignoring the fact that buying an ACA accelerator means buying:
1) a NEW product
2) A NEW product with WARRANTY for at least a year
3) A NEW product with WARRANTY and post-sales customer support regarding any problems you have with it.

Whatever used thing you buy will NOT have that. And I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to factor in this into the cost. It's not like the dude creates the thing, sends it to production, sells it and forgets about it. He works constantly on fixing problems, helping customers and stuff.

So saying that it's too expensive for "what it offers", in your case, isn't really valid. You're ignoring a lot that it offers that makes up for the price too.

Also to be fair, the amount of people with an Amiga Xwhatever aren't that many, comparatively.
I am sure a low-cost product from Jens outperforms in units sold any of that niche shit. Because the low-end products are being bought by more than just the hardcore Amiga zealots, they are also bought by casual Amiga aficionados or retrogaming people. And as I said before, they are a lot more in numbers and they DON'T CARE about crunching numbers. They just want a smooth WHDLoad experience (which can be obtained just with an 020 and some really nice Fast RAM)
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