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winuae screenmode and refreshrate problem

i am using winxpro

i have problems to set a screenmode other than 1024x768, especially the hires and lores modes do not work properly. not due to resolutional differences of the monitors capability but due to worse centering and crashes at those toggles.

i cannot set for 1024x768 a refreshrate greater than 75 hz, though my graka and monitor in windows natively bring up more.

these problems have not been fixed since more than a year and i have had different hardware and monitors and graphicscards in that time and they all produced the same trouble.

there has only been one winuae release about three years ago or more, where the hires and lores modes did work simply and cleanly w/o borders and jumping screen at least as close they can get to them by the real monitor res.

? what is the RTG option all about? it makes no difference if i select it or not.

last but not least, whenever i start the winuae emulation, the monitor switches resolution multiple times, stays black for a while, swittches again and finally when im lucky amiga appears.

? why is the new features of winuae allmost never included in linux uae and also does obviously not lead to improvements on the linux side, too.
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