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I have several Amigas with all possible cpus. I couldn't imagine any reason to buy anything below 68040. With 68040 Operating system start to fly, prety much every App/Game works acceptable level etc. Using 68030 is just not pleasure someone who like to test / play with software.

Just manufacture card with socket for 040/060 cpu and jumper to choose right voltage for them. Sell them without CPU and untested.

There is always people who whine about everything, point is they are always there, you can't do anything whitout at least one involved.

I have changed some 68030 cpus, I belive that socket for 040/060 is similar??? No special tools is needed just some general care and patience. I might not be a best example, as I have built several thousand PCs some twenty years ago, but still.

Could it be done without a Company? as a Private Project just to protect interest.? Laws are very diffrent whem making busines between Private persons?

I have high doubt that MSI or ASUS test every mobo with cpu, to make sure they work.

FPGA is most obivous solution, so hope there will be one for AGA machines soon.

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