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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
Obviously I meant 1 pixel high after all your calculations needs to be plotted in each of the 4 tiles (by potentially blitting a 2x2 pixel object right in the corner of 4 tiles). Just the blitter setup for such a tiny blit is horrendous.
"Horrendous", as in, it could easily take more time than the blit itself, but the efficiency of every individual bob is really not important. Only the frame rate is important. The golden rule is "make the common case fast". If the majority of your drawing can be sped up by ~30%, it's worth taking a hit on the edge cases.

The expense of having a 15 pixel wide object so that in the 1 in 16 chance it doesn't have to span 2 tiles is not worth the added complexity imho.
I haven't actually tried it yet, but i don't know what makes you say that. I think it would be hardly any extra complexity at all. The reason i didn't do it is because i'm using AMOS to grab the sprites, and the AMOS image bank format only specifies the width of a bob in words.
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