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Managed to complete it without a trainer - but with shed loads of save states

Excellent game - I had 340 gold bars and was stuck in room 21 (mentioned above) then I figured out what you had to do - my heart was in my mouth - so worried only one part of gold would come out (worth 5 pieces) leaving me 5 short to complete the game (and I could have missed that piece anywhere!) Really didn't fancy going back looking for it.

Thank God when I saw 2 pieces of gold giving me 350. I thought I would walk into room 50 and be presented with the ending - oh no. Whilst the mine shield had been removed there was one that kept following me - I could not get the gold pieces at the bottom of the screen. Figured out what to do - moved the cart so it would go along a path and push a safe to the top of the screen - I moved near this - so did the mine - the safe acted as a magnet and the mine was stuck to it.

I could collect the pieces and you get a grand total of 400. Gives you the chance to save your score and view the map one last time.

The ending is presented - not as good as the excellent intro - plus no sound at all which is a bit of a shame. However you are presented with an animated pic of your character with a pipe leading from a beach hut bar into his mouth - he is flat out, but manages to give you a final thumb's up. Still better than most endings.

Just have to say what an absolute this game was to play and complete - not been hooked like this for a long time, mapped it (I think only I could understand the map I did!) and there were some times when I realised I left a key behind which I needed (as you can only carry 3 at a time) so had to go all the way back.

Some really good puzzle design here - really up there with the best games on the Amiga imho - especially if you like this type of game (thinking Head Over Heels)

Phew - time for a rest
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