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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
A bit more than that - if you want a product that I design, but your specifications, you'll have to take the whole risk of production, keeping stock and providing customer support. So far, not a single contract like that has been made in the Amiga/Retro sector (only in telecoms). Seems like I'm the only one actually taking a risk. And while this is the case, I also have the final decision about specifications.

Price *is* a key factor. Sure, some die-hard Amiga fans would like to see a feature-rich motherboard that will make any Amigan drool, and some of them would even pay the price. However, it's not enough to justify a production run. I can verify this on the current accelerators: The ACA1221 sells like hot cakes, and the ACA1232-50/ACA1233-55 is an extremely slow seller (similar to the ACA630 back when it was blocking lots of my money and lots of space in my stock).

The new fast accelerators even share a hardware basis that has been available before, but the small quantity pushes the price into a region where only a few customers are left. They would be even more expensive if a new design "from scratch" had been required, and had that been the case, I would have decided to not buy the fast CPUs at all because an even-more expensive accelerator doesn't sell enough units in a lifetime to pay for it's development.

I do agree that price is a key factor. But you dont seem to factor in, price for features/performance. For example your ACA 1221 is selling so good, because it gives users a very good (if not exceptional) price/performance ratio compared to other solutions.

The ACA1232-50/ACA1233-55, on the other hand, is a bad price/performance ratio product. Any Amiga user can buy a better accelerator for that money. You can buy a 68040 accelerator that comes with an FPU and an RTC for about a few bucks more (I sold mine six months ago for less than what you charge for the ACA1233-55). So in this case, I am not saying that your product is selling slowly because it is bad. It is just because it is too expensive for what it offers to users compared to other solutions. So only few will choose it.

So price is a key factor, but is not everything. Most Amigans are mature men that can probably afford high-end Amiga hardware if they think it is worth it. If not think about how many Amigans bought extremely pricey hardware such as the AmigaOne X-1000 and its family of related motherboards.
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