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NOpe, I didn't try the Pi 2 version at all. What I did try is setting overclocking at Pi2 settings and Retropie refused to boot anymore.

If I have a spare card I can try the Pi 2 version but isn't it a different processor? I don't think it will run properly or at all.

You can definitely install Retropie on top of Raspbian. The Retropie image is just for those who, like me, don't care about the OS. Look for "manual installation" of Retropie, you will find links with tutorials. You don't even need Emulation Station if you don't want the frontend and commandline is your thing.

I just spent the day trying to get games into the thing. Since it has no network connectivity, you have to copy from a USB stick to the internal SD card. Of course, with more fidgeting, eventually, I will just make it boot off a USB device like I did with my rPi media server. I want to get a 128GB USB stick or cheap hard drive so I can fit all the games I have on my Wii and more. This little thing surely outperforms my Wii using Retroarch in every aspect.
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