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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I think Battle Squadron has an excellent sound design... a great sound track and some of the best SFX I ever heard in any game.. the explosions are really awesome, I love the sound it makes when your ship explodes, and it mutes the right music channels when playing too many sfx, so you can barely notice it (That was really annoying on Hybris).

Another game I think it has a great sound design is Global Gladiators.

Now, there's some great discussion to have about this.

For example, I really don't like how many games make you choose between music and sfx, that's a very known problem on Amiga. I always wanted to know if designers made this because of memory constraints, or was just a way to deal with the limited 4 channels (Which is really weird since most of them were used to have just 3 channels on previous machines and still make nice music and sfx).
I usually choose SFX over Music... in the amiga version of Dragon Breed, I have the feeling the music uses only 3 channels, and the SFX is really sparse... I prefer to play it with music, but I really feel it could fit both music and sfx on it.

Swiv in the other hand, doesn't have music, but it doesn't feel empty because it has some really nice BOOOM explosions and stuff that always fill the game, and it's one of the few Amiga games I can remember that uses stereo in a cool way.

And what about New York Warriors with a cool soundtrack that uses just one channel?
I've never really played Battle Squadron that much, I usually end up getting stuck on the tile screen, listening to the amazing soundtrack. Yeah Global Gladiators has good sound overall, once again the musician making concessions for the sfx, I think the frantic nature of the game helps distract you just enough not to notice.

I think sometimes the developers just make a binary choice of music or sfx, and not all musicians are too comfortable with using less than 4. Then you have the masters of 3 channel music, Iveson for example. Chuck Rock 2 does a fantastic job at this, music with ambient sounds and sfx, all squeezed into 4 channels

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Turrican 2 did it for me, personally. I think that's still the game with the most apt and best implemented soundtrack and sound design there is out there.
Couldn't agree more, It's like John Williams and Star Wars.. Chris huelsbeck and Turrican. What would these creations be without their fan fares?
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