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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Absolutely, the only way to give him guarantees would be to pay his R&D costs in advance possibly in exchange for royalties on the sales.
A bit more than that - if you want a product that I design, but your specifications, you'll have to take the whole risk of production, keeping stock and providing customer support. So far, not a single contract like that has been made in the Amiga/Retro sector (only in telecoms). Seems like I'm the only one actually taking a risk. And while this is the case, I also have the final decision about specifications.

Price *is* a key factor. Sure, some die-hard Amiga fans would like to see a feature-rich motherboard that will make any Amigan drool, and some of them would even pay the price. However, it's not enough to justify a production run. I can verify this on the current accelerators: The ACA1221 sells like hot cakes, and the ACA1232-50/ACA1233-55 is an extremely slow seller (similar to the ACA630 back when it was blocking lots of my money and lots of space in my stock).

The new fast accelerators even share a hardware basis that has been available before, but the small quantity pushes the price into a region where only a few customers are left. They would be even more expensive if a new design "from scratch" had been required, and had that been the case, I would have decided to not buy the fast CPUs at all because an even-more expensive accelerator doesn't sell enough units in a lifetime to pay for it's development.

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