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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Quick. Someone tell Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, MSI etc as that's what they do every day!!!
...because they sell their boards with ZIF sockets that enable people to install a CPU without special tools.

I do sell boards without chips - see C64 Reloaded that comes with ZIF sockets. If I could get ZIF sockets for PGA13x13 or 18x18, the CPU problem would be smaller, but still existent.

Trouble is that too many fakes are around, especially with the higher-end processors. Although I'd mostly "only" be the bearer of bad news, the impression that "my product" doesn't work right would still stick in people's heads.

When I made my first accelerators in 2010, I decided to solder RAM directly to the board, so people don't buy cheap stuff on eBay and expect it to work. This enabled me to push memory to the limit and still know that it works 100%. This was a *very* good decision.
I won't go ahead and jeopardize this tried-and-true method of providing a known-good product. PGA CPUs are difficult to install (especially if they have been removed from a non-ZIF socket before: Pins may bend and you don't even see it), and they are even more difficult to remove if you don't have a proper chip-puller.

EU customer protection laws don't specifically say that there must be ZIF sockets for chips - politicians didn't think of that. However, they leave enough room for interpretation that some a**hole with too much money for a lawyer can give me a hard time. I choose not to expose me and my business that way.

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