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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Actually, I would be willing to bet Jens would gladly do any extension you want, provided he is guaranteed to see his research and development costs paid for.

The reason he limits his design to the biggest common denominator is probably that it is the only way to make sure he can reimburse his R&D costs.

This would be a fairly reasonable stand if you ask me.
Well there are no such guarantees in the hardware biz, are there?

We all know about the other products Jens is already selling which you can easily add to the Reloaded to get additional features.
We can all be sure Jens has put a lot of though into the design and it will surely be the most effective design from his point of view.
But it is understandable that those ppl who dont necessarily count every $/€/£ and would rather have a more feature rich mobo from the start instead of littering the desk with a crapload of addons.
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