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I recently tried to do this too, so I thought I would share my experiences/tips while doing it...

I had a spare 2GB drive sitting on my desk for ages, so I attached it to my raid controller, windows as usual, found it, and gave it a drive letter (it was a DOS formatted HD at the time...)

WinUAE didn't pick it up (obviously because it wasn't empty), so I went into drive manager, and deleted all partitions on that drive (so it was empty), WinUAE still wouldn't pick it up (not empty enough?)

As I was playing with the WinUAE sources anyway, I disabled the protection code that prevents WinUAE from picking up non empty / non amiga drives. WinUAE now picked up my drive (whoohoo!), so I booted into Workbench 3.1, and ran HDToolbox... Uhoh... it doesn't pick up the drive?? Hmm... So I boot into OS3.5, that version of HDToolbox picked up the drive and allowed me to partition and format it (oh yes, cooking on gas now!).

I installed WB3.1 on the drive, and then rebooted UAE... What's this?? It won't boot??

Looking at the boot menu (hold both mouse buttons down while resetting... that needs three hands with jit enabled... ) Ah! Looks like my drive isn't a bootable device?!

Looking at the source code again, it being quite late by this time, I just rem'd out one line of code (something about disabling booting on some devices?), and got it booting! (yay!)

going back to a non hacked version of WinUAE, my drive still wasn't being picked up... strange that, so I rebooted windows (not much to loose at this point...) After that, the non hacked WinUAE picked up the drive in the list... (it seems that windows caches information on the drives?) but still it isn't bootable

So far, I've not had XP bluescreen on me complaining about the drive...

Any ideas why WinUAE would disable booting for this drive? (Did I miss a step, or is that intentional?)
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