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When he metioned FPGA or CPLD, he meant memory controller going faster than 100 or 120 mhz, not CPUs.
In my opinion, both solutions are great for what we need. But while others with FPGA are developing the cpu core, Icomp is already selling what we need to work with our amigas. If Icomp makes a 040/060 accelerator with a PGA processor, they cannot give you a warranty, wich by law they have to. He cannot sell you an empty board either, because without a processor is not a working item, therefore cannot be sold. I think a 030 is more than enough for most games and aplications of an Amiga computer. 040 was the last thing commodore supported, and it was mainly for serious programs, not games.
It's not worth to use productivity software in amiga. But that's my opinion, other opinions have their poins also
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