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Amiga Games - Sound design & Audio production discussion

With so many Amiga threads dedicated to gameplay and graphics I though I'd make one dedicated entirely to sound. Maybe shed some light on how important implementation can be, and how important it can be to have good sound design.

So which game developer had the best sound design? What musician made the most of his or her limited 4 channels and restricted memory restraints? Which game used sound in a dynamic and exciting way? Who had the best audio routine?

I think the first game that made me think how effective and powerful good sound design can be, was gods. After being sonically assaulted (in a good way of course) from the opening soundtrack, I was already drawn into its audio majesty.. But that's just the start. Hearing the subtle nuanced sound effects of the hero climbing a ladder whist he panted, or when he dropped a great distance with a cartoon whistle followed by a shriek of pain. Throwing knifes at the wall and hearing them clank against the bricks. There seemed to be something very special at work here, a consistent design. Even the pop up inventory bar that opens, the sound glides upwards and then downwards. What impressed me back then and still does to this day was the attention and care given to the sound.

The Amiga's 4 channel sound didn't seem to limit the game, if anything it help concentrate it's effectiveness, steering the developers to a more ambient based approach, which I`m glad they did, having music play whilst you fight and solve puzzles might have lessoned the games atmosphere.

Would like to hear what others think on the subject. Maybe share some other audio elements from Amiga games.

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