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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
despite Jens or any other hardware developer gets 040 cpus at only 1 dollar per unit, a 040 turboboard will be priced way higher than a 030 because is viable and they can do it according to demand and according to the ebay prices of the 040 turboboards

it seems you lack basic knowledge about marketing,definitively you are not a sales man
It also seems that Jens is uninterested in eBay prices when he determines the prices of his hardware, otherwise his ACA1221 board would be much more expensive. Sometimes people do actually base the selling price on their cost structure rather than the rarity of 20-year-old competitor products. I'm sure 68040 boards would be more expensive than 68030 boards because otherwise who would buy a 68030 board? But the track record here is not to follow eBay prices or any such shallow practices.
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