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What is certainly true, for me, is that if the trend of peripherals, add-ons and new Amiga hardware is going this way, economically, I'll have a hard time upgrading any machine I own ever again, and it's a bit of a shame.

THEN AGAIN, most people have accelerators for no good reason. Most software most people use has absolutely no need for an accelerator.
If there were more NEW KILLER game developments, demos, utilities, that need an 030, I would gladly save up and a purchase would be justified. But the Amiga scene, software wise, is pretty dead, and further expanding my machines seems ludicrous.

You can say that comparatively I paid more for my C64's 1541-II Ultimate and you are right, but it was SO worth it, because that scene is super active and the 1541 becomes a requirement if you are a C64 enthusiast. I would love for Amiga hardware to be the same way, but the software isn't helping. We have killer stock hardware and killer new hardware developments expanding that already cool hardware, but nobody is putting it to good use.
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