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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Dont quite follow the logic here tbh. You're not paying a fixed € / MIPS ratio here ;-)
Generally speaking, dont see why a 040 automatically must be more expensive to produce just because the CPU is faster. Back in the old days, the main difference between buying a 040 card vs 060 was actual difference in CPU price.

But as we still havent seen one from Jens by now.. Therefore Im guessing that the Vampire is a much more likely solution to happen within our lifetime ;-)

despite Jens or any other hardware developer gets 040 cpus at only 1 dollar per unit, a 040 turboboard will be priced way higher than a 030 because is viable and they can do it according to demand and according to the ebay prices of the 040 turboboards

it seems you lack basic knowledge about marketing,definitively you are not a sales man
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