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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Anyway, yes, adding a CPU to a Socket is easy enough, but apparently Jens doesn't want to deal with supporting a crapload of different combinations (pretty understandable) which can happen with different 040/060 masks, frequencies, fake CPUs etc... The truth is even if you put a giant sticker that says "No support nor refunds are offered for this, you are on your own!" on the card someone will STILL complain to him and that's what he wants to avoid as it's just not worth it.
Well, why not sending our CPU to him so that he can fit it correctly on a socket ? It takes approx 5 seconds...

For whdload games, for sure Apydia and Zool are fixed and/or are working with mmulibs on my 3640. The others I do not know as I do not play them.
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