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Originally Posted by CrashMidnick View Post
060 is very compatiblble, 040 too. I had more problems with some 030 accelerators compared to 040/060 one when using the right libraries. 90% of time I use my 060 accelerated Amiga's, everything I use is working just fine (whdload, softwares such as wordworth, turbocalc, lightwave, sound trackers, amigaamp...).
Even a monkey like me can add a CPU on its sockets, I can't see where is the difficulty and how we can destroy something except the CPU itself.

Anyway thanks Jens for this new accelerators, even if I am not a "030 target" at that price.
Maybe most games have been fixed by now? I remember reading this...

Anyway, yes, adding a CPU to a Socket is easy enough, but apparently Jens doesn't want to deal with supporting a crapload of different combinations (pretty understandable) which can happen with different 040/060 masks, frequencies, fake CPUs etc... The truth is even if you put a giant sticker that says "No support nor refunds are offered for this, you are on your own!" on the card someone will STILL complain to him and that's what he wants to avoid as it's just not worth it.

Originally Posted by spudje View Post
A new 68060 board would be awesome, but I believe these 060s are the hardest to be found. And I don't dare to think what the price will be, seeing the Blizzards 1260 go for 700+ Euro these days...
The 060s can be found for pretty cheap usually (20-80EURs) and 040s for even less, the issue is there's no reliable source to buy them in quantities, and that's why Jens can't offer a complete 040/060 board.

A bare 040/060 accelerator without CPU and warranty would probably cost 300EUR max... (I hope)
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