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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
@Schoenfeldt I'm always impressed when new hardware comes out for the classic Amiga.
However, there is one thing I've wondered about, (and likely it has been asked numerous times before, but cant find the answer right now).
What is the main reason for not producing a 040 card? AFAIK 040 chips are easily obtainable and prices are reasonable.. (Heck, I have one lying around at home that Im not using).
(It could use the same "unlock system" as used on ACA1221?)
I have a vague memory of an argument that e.g. a 060 card would simply be too expensive, but seeing 030 cards @ €400 makes me question whether it would be possible to produce a 040 at that price?
if Schoenfeldt for a 030 clocked at 50mhz wants 300, for a 040 turboboard board expect to pay 800, I don't think you will be interested
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