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50 to 68 pin convertor on supra scsi card

How all.

I have this supra scsi card for my amiga 4000 I am looking into connecting again.
At the moment I'm using a 4gb CF, but I need some more space to stow away stuff, so I don't have to move the cf card between my pc and back to copy more stuff..

Originally I had a 1gb seagate 50pin hd connected internally to the scsi card and a 1 speed external scsi cd-rom through the external 25p.
But I would like to connect something bigger and faster before I put it in again.

So I got to reading about using 68p on 50p through an adapter.
It seems to work.
But I cant seem to find a definite answer if it will work connected straight to the scsi card instead of at the hd side.
And if I use it at the card end, can I use multiple HD's on the same 68p cable like normal in scsi?
And will the active termination at the end of my 68p cable be enough to terminate? Even with more disks?
What kind of harddisks could I still connect to it?

Does anyone maybe know a link to a good adapter that will work fine?
There are a lot out there and somewhere I read some are supposedly not pinned correctly, wich can give problems?!

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