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Originally Posted by snoopy77 View Post
Would imagine so, plus the chips are probably a fair bit harder to come by than 030's.

I'm guessing the 25mhz-40mhz 030's must be easy to get in good volumes which paves the way for occasional 50mhz boards when those cpu's can be sourced. Might be a different story altogether to do an 040 board if the even the slowest 040 chips are going to be hard to come by.
The reloaded mobo will have no CPU, the reasoning being that whatever he (Jens) chooses, it will be the wrong choice for a lot of ppl. Fair enough.. bring your own accelerator, right? Except, he wont guarantee functionality beyond his own accelerators, which is sort of understandable... still.. a lot of ppl out there wont accept to be "maxed out" at a 55MHz 030. Especially not if you've used 040 or 060 since the 90s.

So for the sake of his own market reach, it would be good to have a card at 040 or 060 performance levels. Could be a card with 128MB memory and an empty socket for either 040 or 060 and a 3.3 / 5v voltage regulator switch.
And let other worry about acquirering the CPU.

Then again... if the Vampire 1200 works with the reloaded mobo, then we can forget this whole 040/060 idea soon enough. ;-)
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