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Emulation not completely paused with NIC enabled

Hi Tony,

If I enable emulating either the a2065 or RTL8029 NIC, once the Startup-Sequence calls AddNetInterface (OS4), the x86 CPU load goes up from 13% to 26% and when switching back to the desktop, the CPU load doesn't drop to ~0%, it stays at around 13% even though I have it set to pause the emulation when Inactive/Minimized.
The Task Manager cores graph shows the extra 13% as random peaks on all cores (QEmu only shows up on one core, using ~95% of it when active)

If I run the emulator without the NIC enabled or don't call AddNetInterface, the CPU load stays at 13% max and drops to ~0% when Inactive/Minimized.
The Task Manager cores graph shows only the QEmu core at ~95% which then drops to near 0% when paused, while the other 7 cores appear mostly idle.

On a side note, I have the "68K CPU idle" sliders all the way to the right, otherwise that would add another 13% CPU load and show up on its own core at ~95% when active, but that part works fine.

In conclusion, it would seem that the NIC emulation doesn't get paused once the NIC has been initialized, and it uses a lot of CPU cycles all over the cores even if there is no network activity. I tried going back a few beta versions but the behavior is the same.

Maybe it's normal but I thought I'd mention it in details in case it's not the intended behavior.
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