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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
I bought a Vaio for my christmas for my nephew. Solid machine. He's put a beating on it and his XP is solid. Mine is home-built and solid as well. Steer clear of VIA though, not worth the trouble even though they seem to always come out with something new first.
I've not personaly used any of the Sony Viao's, I have worked on a couple of them, mostly OS re-installs like TG mentioned

As for staying away from VIA based motherboards, well, true they have produced some dog's over the years but my personal experiences have been mostly positive. I've used VIA chipset mobo's for both AMD and Intel CPU's over the years now and have not come across any major problem using them. Any issues have been fixed with VIA's 4in1 driver updates which seem to get better and better all the time

I've also used many different brands of mobo's and this is where it either breaks or is rock solid. A tier one manufacturer tends to have the R&D to make great boards and to find and correct problems if indeed a flawed board makes it to production. I tend to stick with Asus, Aopen, MSI and Intel, pretty much in this order. I gotta say that my new Aopen AX4C Max is da bomb and just plain rocks, but at 2 c-notes it's not cheap :eek
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