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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I know it's cheaper, definitely commending you on having slashed off 20 euros off the price!
It's just a personal opinion, as I said, for *MY* liking. I am not really willing to pay for a case that much unless it has a novelty like it being transparent. I know, totally frivolous

One more thing: I see that in the case that has a "platform"for the keyboard, the "AMIGA" mark is present. Why not on the other cases? Will you be using the mark or not?
Hi Akira,

Please look closely to the pictures. On both available top covers the AMIGA CASE logo will be used.

Kind Regards,


Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
How they wil be made? Pressed to molds or how?
Hi Predseda,

For production of the AMIGA CASE, 2 steel molds with insert have to be made.

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