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Originally Posted by clenched View Post
Assembles fine with VASM Devpac compatible mode. Takes the better part of a second on my PC. Also noticed pressing J repeatedly gives great jumping capability.

WinUAE tests:
- Failed to load at all with Kickstart 1.3
- Loaded OK with Kickstart 2 but mildly glitchy graphics
- A1200 looks fine.
- saw this message on 68000 "FATAL CPU CRASH!" a couple of times.

Maybe I'll try Devpac later and see what happens.
Fine looking game.

EDIT: Using Devpac 3.02, Kickstart 1.3, game looks perfect. Kickstart 2.0 still some slight gfx trouble. Neither showed the fatal message this time. Didn't bother with A1200.
About "FATAL CPU CRASH". Try add dc.b 0 just before label Loop_Data
It seems that devpac automatically add it to align Loop_Data: what is good in this case, because in the code is word access to the Loop_Data. I'm not sure If such possibility has vasm in devpac mode.
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