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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Most likely your boot partition is not accessible by 68k Kickstart for whatever reason.

Perhaps it is bigger than 4GB?
Or it is not inside the first 4GB of the harddrive?
Or it is formatted as FFS long file names but you did not add FFS V52 to the RDB?
Or it is formatted as SFS and you did not add SFS to the RDB?
Or you didn't enter the right identifier for the file system? Should be DOS\7 or 0x444F5307 for FFS long file names and SFS\0 or 0x53465300 for SFS.
It's a 3.9GB VHD in RDB mode, used Media Toolbox to create and format to SFS\02 which automatically sets the identifier to 0x53465302.

I probably didnt install the 68k SFS handler to the RDB. Will do that now and report back.

edit: Nope. Still same problem. Will try with FFS and SFS\0 to see if either of those make a difference.

It's very strange as I can't even boot from the CD either wothout the same guru occuring unless I delete the VHD and create a blank one.

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