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I have to admit my Amiga activity was pretty low for a bunch of years (fairly non existent even in ~year 2000-2010) , but revived yet again (its a periodical thing) because of the hardware activity that's still ongoing (FPGA projects, stuff Jens does.. and software stuff like Nova Coder's ports. It made me curious how the old "impossible" stuff could run on the A1200 after all.
When I do fire up the A1200 these days, its for short gaming or demo sessions.
I used to be a Wiz @ Imagine in the 90s but I don't know where to begin if I'd try to explain how badly 3d software has aged on the Amiga ;-)
I also used a lot of Dpaint bac in the day but "pixelating" doesn't happen a lot these days. Photoshop does all the work now. ;-)

Right now I'm doing "pointless" stuff like hardware modding a badly yellowed A500 (spray paint, 1MB chip mod, gotek drive).

Looking forward to seeing the Vampire 2 in action, because without it, I don't know if I'll ever fire up the old A600 anymore ;-)
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