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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Interesting. The reaction was the opposite at the Amiga30 event in the US. Maybe that's partially due to the amount of ex-Commodore staff that was at the event?
I don't think so, there was lots of ex Commodore/Amiga staff at the German event too, including Mical and Haynie.

If anything, it might be down to different tastes: one specific complaint was "too light on actual information" - that sounds like a very German complaint to me. US guys, on the other hand, seem to love pathos. So if he's got (say) Mical telling some heart warming story about what a great family they were and how much fun they had and then somebody stands up and sings the national anthem, the US crowd would be much more likely to enjoy the experience while your average German viewer might be bored to death.

But like somebody already said: let's wait for the finished product before judging it.
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