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Originally Posted by lost_loven View Post
k cool. I pretty much expected that. And scsi id's I guess we would have to connect the board to our pc's via usb to set it then also or did you leave it as is and have no conflict?
I kinda went on that link provided earlier and gave it a quick look .. been awhile since I messed with that but I thinking mine are set at 5 and 6 for my hd and cd rom if memory serves. Need measurements to. Guess gonna need to prefab some sort of housing/bracket to sit in a 3000 D when eventually ditch that big clunky hd. Guess power consumption will be less too and will make things easier on power supply too. (that might have to be a next upgrade seeing that the current one is original .. who knows how long that will last)
Mine was set to ID 0 out of the box. I thought the mechanical drive I was to copy and replace was likely to be 0, so as you suggested I connected it to the PC with USB and set it to 1. Didn't need to do it as my mechanical drive wasn't 1 or 0 anyway!

However it was frustrating that I couldnt program the unit with either of my Win10 PC's
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