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winuae 3.2.0 (2015 11 11)

I just ran winuae 3.2.0 (2015 11 11) and now my keyboard wont work with it or any older version I now try.
I can use the F12 key to re-enter GUI but nothing else works

EDIT: It only fails when I select my own config ... setting quick start seems to make the keyboard work.however I cant seem to re set up my personal keys (home = warp mode ect....) I goto config #1 and set home key to warp mode but it wont warp

EDIT #2: It seems I have 3 keyboard devices in the INPUT drop down menu and I had to change the key on all 3 for it to work.
HID Keyboard device (1)
HID Keyboard device (2)
Winuae Null Keyboard

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