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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
this has been shocking list of events, I also backed this film , yet I've had to wait for nearly 5 years and then discover that the film being shown to possible people who did not even back the film , get to see it before the backers do this in my opinion is a disgrace and shouldn't have done that to paying backers, and the perks that have been promised are nowhere to be seen either or what the progress is?.

I've attempted a few times now to find how where things are and what's is required to help this get out there. I'm so dishearten about all of this now, the Amiga years been only a couple of weeks away will possible be everything Viva Amiga could of and should of been? At this stage a digital download would simple be enough to honour the backers of this kickstarter now, but that looks like it's off the table too.

Why is a digital download off the table? Yes, the Amiga years will be probably be definitive so Viva Amiga best get it's skates on.
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