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Originally Posted by lost_loven View Post
woot order is waiting to be dispatched! .. 32 gig cards are on sale here but 16 would be more than enough. Hello weekend! Prep time! might be a good ideal to start from scratch. So I am guessing install this on the amiga and quick format/partition the Micro SD card to what ever and how many partitions needed then put back in pc and dump what ever install over would be the correct procedure most would do? Is there any other suggestions ?
That is exactly how I did my setup. For whatever reason, if I try to use the PC/WinUAE to setup the drive, on a MicroSD, it simply wont allow the drive to be partitioned because of the "drive type". However, setting the partitions on the Amiga, then using them in the PC/WinUAE to transfer the OS setup and all files/demos/games works well!

This issue only seems to plague me on microSD and frequently SD cards also. CF cards are rarely an issue.
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