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Ok, log shows some more clues, sprite corruption appears to be side-effect of something else..

Your log has multiple "DMAL error!? xxxx" lines. I assume you tried to duplicate the sprite problem and it finally happened after 7 tries and each test logged that DMAL error message. (It is "this should never happen" message)

Do you get that log message more easily and faster than sprite corruption? (Run in windowed mode with -log command line to see the log in real time).

Does it only happen if JIT is enabled? JIT changes behavior of "DMAL" Paula to Agnus/Alice DMA request reporting.

Unfortunately I haven't found any simple way (by force enabling/disabling AGA sprite feature bits) to duplicate the corrupted cursor without also breaking sprite positioning which probably means "DMAL" confusion may corrupt some variables. But on the other hand Amiga-side reset should re-initialize most of them.

One really annoying method to debug this would be to create full dump of the process (dozes or even hundreds of megabytes in size..) and load it in debugger and check all variables... But that can wait..

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Btw. Is it normal that when choosing "A1200" in the quickstart model list (without having loaded any config file before), i get 512k chip / 512k slow / ecs instead of 2M chip / aga ?
Quickstart mode not active (no checkbox) and you didn't click "Set configuration" button?
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