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Ok - I ve attached some files which are useful for those wishing to help out with making a short GRAC game or just wanting to learn how to use this game creator software.

The plan is to produce a set of short tutorials showing the different aspects to GRAC and how to create a short adventure. The first tutorial will be to show how to add rooms within Grac. I will try to add this over the coming weeks to this thread.

Attached is version one of GRAC - you can download the later version from Aminet.

Also attached is the User disk which I have been saving my experiment Grac game to.

Also attached is a template of the street location picture for those interested in helping with graphics and creating new screens for the proposed game - the first 16 colours can be changed for each new location if required - the last 16 have to remain constant as they are used for the characters and therefore can't be changed otherwise their faces and outfits will change colours with each location which wouldn't be good.

- In reply to the question from the previous post - yes I was making a game with reality - I made Kingdoms of steam with it using the shoot em up disk - and I also produce a demo of a Dizzy clone game - Dylan and the Green Smelly Aliens from Mars using the Adventure skeleton disk - I will probably return to finish off the Dylan game later but I need to think about the final puzzle and end to that game. In the meantime I keen to look at the potential of GRAC and hopefully encourage some new adventure games for the Amiga.
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