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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I just wish someone could build an Aros 68k distro that mimics AmigaOS 3.1 functionality with about the same performance.

The problem seems to be that developers target Aros 68k, like if a 68060 at 500mhz actually existed!

I have no problems in added features, but there is really no point in doing it, when the most basic stuff is simply bloated for a 68k, or incompatible with many software. So getting the basics first would definately help, and then of course it can grow from there, but not the other way round.

If someone manages to get similar feature and performance as AmigaOS 3.1, then most 68k users will probably start switching to Aros, as it is free and open source, which means, it is future proof.

If Aros continues the same way it has on 68k, it has no future other than being a tinkererĀ“s toy on UAE or some FPGA board experiment. But no serious use beyond that.
Part of the problem is that actually an optimized driver for the original chipsets is missing so wanderer and Worklbook are using sorta chunky-to-planar display; plus don't take distros as reference: usually the nightly are kinda lean as afr as i remember
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